More Than Just Cooking. Traveling. Making Money.

A Unique Cooking Experience that Brings You New Adventures

Average $30K Per Show

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Are you a travel foodie at heart with an entrepreneurial passion? Our Platinum Cooking program offers world class training with a proven model with decades of experience to back that up!

Take Your Passion On The Road with Chef Allan


Average $0K a Show*

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Travel America

World Class Training

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World-Class Training

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Freedom To Travel

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Skip the Sales Grind, It's Entrepreneur Time



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Meet Chef Allan Julie

Chef Allan and his wife Julie have been in the cookware industry for over 20 years and have the opportunity to travel throughout the United States while sharing their love of Platinum Cookware and educating attendees at Home Shows, Fairs and Expos. We guarantee you will leave his dynamic demonstration inspired to cook like a pro from home!

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Travel to new places, meet new people, and enjoy the financial rewards of business ownership!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I got here from a job listings website. Is this a job or an opportunity?
    It's an opportunity for you to be mentored by Chef Allan to learn the business and be plugged into a proven business that is completely turnkey and already generating money.
  • Will I need to set up my own company?
    Yes, you will need to setup an LLC which is quite simple to do and we can help you with that.
  • Will I be expected to find my own leads for this business?
    No, all your home shows are scheduled by us which means all you need to do is show up, setup, and sell.
  • What makes this business different from selling knives or vitamins door to door?
    This business has a good reputation, is proven over 2 decades, and you are selling to a captive audience at home shows where people show up ready to spend money on their homes.
  • What makes this opportunity better vs. a traditional sales job?
    This opportunity offers sales professionals the opportunity to break away from the grind of meeting difficult to achieve sales targets and allows them to spend more time with their friends and family during the week. Your time will be much more flexible, you don't have to rely on your own lead generation, and you get to travel America.
  • Is $30k revenue per show realistic?
    Yes! Even as a complete beginner, with our world class training and guidance it is realistic. On average our chefs sell $50K per show.
  • I’ve never done cooking or sales, is this still for me?
    Absolutely! We give you world class training and guidance. You will be fully equipped with everything you need to succeed, guaranteed.
  • How do I start?
    Book a call to explore the opportunity.
  • Do veterans get a discount for joining the program?
    Yes, veterans get 10% off which is a savings of nearly $10,000.
  • Do I have to figure out what trade shows to attend?
    No, we handle all the scheduling for you so you can just show up, sell, and enjoy the sights of wherever you are on the road.
  • How long has this business been around?
    Over 20 years. This model is a proven model and Chef Allan is ready to share his insights on this turnkey opportunity with you today.